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Application Development

Custom Web Applications, E-Business & E-Commerce Solutions

Yanoo commitment to creating Internet enabled solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises often requires a web interface to complete the business picture. We have developed custom data enabled web solutions so users can view data with their browser of choice.

Whether business to business (B2B), business to customers (B2C), peer to peer (P2P), enterprise application integration, custom E-Business, custom ecommerce, custom auctions, data mining, E-Business consulting, E-Business transformation or digital supply chain solutions, Yanoo always serves up competent Internet strategies that bring our clients closer to their goals.

Our experience includes up-to-date techniques in HTML 4.0, XHTML with W3C standard, Java Script and other client side technologies. We develop web site using ASP.NET, ASP, ColdFusion or PHP server side technologies.

Our capabilities with the Internet include

  • Website development, design and deployment.
  • E-Business solution with back end database support and/or legacy system connectivity
  • E-Commerce sites for on-line business & secure payment.
  • Web applications - realize the power of the web by having us develop applications that work on the web great for internal and external customers (Intranets and Extranets)
  • Site evaluation for: security, performance, traffic patterns, search engines and usability

Our tools and languages include

  • C# .NET, VB .NET , PHP 4.X & PHP 5.X
  • SQL Server, MYSQL, PGSQL, Sybase, Oracle
  • Visual InterDev, Flash, Visual Studio, Zend Studio

Yanoo Advantage for E-Business solutions are

  • Linux Centric business solution since last 6 Years
  • Server side Cashing solution for high traffic website
  • Highly Optimized database design and script
  • Development based on our own development Framework
  • OOPS based scripting
  • Compatibility with CSS2 & XHTML
  • Search Engine Friendly Development
  • Well documented development methodology
  • Separate Team of Business Analyst as well as Quality Assurance.

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